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Acars Systems

The ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing stands for and Reporting System) is a system of datalink between aircraft and ground station. This data can be stream via satellite or in frequency. The data sent can relate to simple texts or flight parameters automatically sent from the aircraft. All this has made ??it much easier and quicker identification of anomalies (in real time) and you have more control generalizing the performance of the flight, thanks to the interaction between the flight crew and ground stations.
Our website uses two ACARS systems, which deal with the management of flight data recording them on it. Our Virtual Ailrine adopts for online flights on networks (IVAO and VATSIM) the IPS Pirep Integrated System that automatically recognizes and records all flight data, no need to send PIREP after each flight; Offline for flights instead MLN ACARS KAcars_Free ie, the FS Products, you can also download it in the downloads section of our website. 

Integrated Pirep System (IVAO & VATSIM)

Specific Acars to our pilots flying online, there is no option to download it, as incorporated in the site, which automatically records the flight data of the pilots flying online such on IVAO and VATSIM servers. Just connect to the server, use the callsign of the VA followed by the pilot ID, or the number of the flight that you want to do, fill the flight plan and' IPS recognizes that you are flying over the flight.

MLN Acars (Offline)

Specific Acars to our pilots flying Offline, to fly, you have to download it in the download page after you have logged in. Once downloaded, you need to install and set the compatibility of the program as administrator, and enter the following data once it is installed:

VA Profiles

VA: Milan Airways Virtual
Base URL: http://www.milanairwaysvirtual.com/
Pilot ID: MLN---                                                                                   
Password: password                                                        

Impostazioni Utente

VA Profile: Milan Airways Virtual
Base URL: http://www.milanairwaysvirtual.com/
Pilot ID: MLN---
Password: password 
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