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16 Oct 2018 19:00zIVAO MLN Oktoberfest LIRF-EDDM
22 Oct 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
29 Oct 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
05 Nov 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
12 Nov 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
19 Nov 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
26 Nov 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0

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MLN535Paolo Pagani6.9 hrs ago
MLN361Salvo Guadagnuolo15.3 hrs ago
MLN101Nicolo' Tomasini15.7 hrs ago
MLN16AAnwar Hamari15.7 hrs ago
MLN102Giacomo Tomasini15.7 hrs ago

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Virtual Alliance

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AEOLUS ALLIANCE & Milan Airways, a winning alliance

Milan Airways, from July 2015 is part of AEOLUS alliance, an alliance of the best virtual airlines in the community of Flight Simulator. Founded in July of the 2013, with the agreement between TNT Virtual Airways and Hellenic Airways, with the goal of building a professional community where the best Virtual Airlines can meet support each other and of course, enjoy a common hobby.

Currently the focus of this Alliance lies on Online Events and Codesharing operations between the VA`s. Further alliance activities shall be established at a later time in accordance to the wishes of the member airlines.
While AEOLUS alliance can be seen as community the member airlines all operate completely independent from each other. This policy will also be maintained in the future. AEOLUS will only collect data for statistical purposes as well as the live flight information for display on our website.


Further expansion of the network of alliances until all regions of the world are covered by today VA`s most successful in their region is planned. For a Virtual Ailine, like a real airline, it's important to keep alliances with others, to improve and grow together, trying to offer to our pilots the simulation experience even more realistic and exciting! This is why we at Milan Airways are proud to be part of it.