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MLN486LIML - LIEOGianluca Gavina
MLN529LIPZ - LSGGAlberto Governi

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MLN333Roberto Carideo1.8 hrs ago
MLN376Massimo Canta2.8 hrs ago
MLN529Alberto Governi6.3 hrs ago
MLN529Alberto Governi8.2 hrs ago
MLN529Alberto Governi23.9 hrs ago

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Fabrizio Misia104 days ago
Marco Balestra112 days ago
Francesco Petronelli113 days ago
Julien Chabbey121 days ago
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A virtual airline has always needs to grow, professionally and  dimensions, so we at Milan Airways we are always looking for staff. In order to grow we need people who are passionate in what they do, who are professional and who want to get involved with us. Milan airways is constantly looking for passionate pilots and staff members who want to truly demonstrate the spirit of this company. If you want to join the Staff of Milan Airways you have to fly 50 hours, if you want to propose new ideas please contact us.

Open Vacancies Staff

As a Web master for our VA, with this position you help to develop the VA Website having a programming languages knowledge, working on the aspect,maintenance, and the connection between the website and the servers introducing new features. A Web Master, is needed in each staff team, is one of the most important in the staff. 
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Programming languages knowledge

Public Relations and News Director
As a director of Public Relations for our VA, as a passionate in marketing and communications you will look to sponsor our VA managing Facebook pages and Instagram, to try new strategies and initiatives such as events, as well as speak with the other directors of the other VA.
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Social Networking
  • Dreamer