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MLN425LICC - LGKFGianni Caputo

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MLN178Paolo Lozzi20 min ago
MLN14KFederico Giannalia2 hrs ago
MLN425Gianni Caputo2.1 hrs ago
MLN425Gianni Caputo4.7 hrs ago
MLN376Massimo Canta5.8 hrs ago

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Facts and Figures

Milan Airways ( MLN) is a virtual airline for Microsoft's Flight Simulator , we are not a real airline . We are one of the many virtual airline Italian . Our Mission is to provide a high quality, realistic, virtual aviation experience to all flight sim enthusiasts. We will help our pilots to achieve their full potential as real airline pilots. Below you can see a table that summarizes briefly what we are today.

Operational informations & Figures
Foundation 2008 (MilanJet)
  • Milano Malpensa LIMC
  • Milano Linate LIML
  • Milano Bergamo LIME
Fleet numbers
  • Milan Airways (102)
  • NetJet (67)
  • Milan Airways Cargo (46)
  • Milan Airways Executive (27)
Headquarter Milano Malpensa Terminal 1 Ferno VA

The systems of the virtual airline ,


At today, we try to offer a realistic simulation experience, providing them with the best automated systems management for virtual airlines of Microsoft Flight Simulator!

What are you waiting for? Join us, we are hiring! Click here to register!