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MLN425KSAN - MMAAGianni Caputo
MLN529LSZR - LSZBAlberto Governi
MLN333ENSB - ENTCRoberto Carideo

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MLN529Alberto Governi13.1 hrs ago
MLN376Massimo Canta16.5 hrs ago
MLN529Alberto Governi21.8 hrs ago
MLN529Alberto Governi1 days ago
MLN529Alberto Governi2 days ago

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Milan Airways fleet comprises 242 aircraft, composed by the most innovative modern passenger jets, with an age of about 10 years of service. The fleet is composed by four divisions, Milan Airways, Lowcost Division (netJet) based in Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa, Cargo Division (Milan Airways Cargo) with base in Cargo City at Terminal 1 of Malpensa, Executive Division (Milan Airways Executive) with base at Milan Linate private jets terminal and an Aeroclub based in Bresso Airport.