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Privacy Policy

Flight Modes

Like all Virtual Airlines, we also have various modes of flight, to diversify the various activities. Each pilot can choose to make the types of flight you want, being able to choose between many ways, from the most simple such as free flights, online events, tours, until you get to the more realistic the timetable flights mode. Listed below, the various types of flights that can be simulated.

Free Flights

Are free flights from all points of view and recognize the pilot, flight hours for the company, So all those flights that are not part of the main activities of VA. We do not accept as flights Generics military flights with supersonic aircraft and hunting, microlight flights (see gliders etc etc (take vision of the General Regulation to know what are the flights and aircraft shall not be permitted and not registrable as flights for the company).

Assigned Flights

As a true airline, also in Milan Airways offers the opportunity to feel like a real airline pilot, to do their duty, to be an integral part of a major airline organized with precise times and destinations of their flights, with daily routes, freely chosen by the pilot that the aircraft is qualified to fly.

Timetable Flights

The official timetables of the company is designed as the official times of actual airlines, taking into account the type of service, the type of aircraft used to actually post the different types of flights and connections that can be made between drivers who perform different timetable. 
The pilot  freely chooses to perform one of the flights of our time official of the company, must adhere to the aircraft type that is suitable for and respect the time of take-off "Dep Time" required.

Tours Milan Airways

The Tours of Milan Airways are series of flights that can be flown with no time limits maximum to be completed and they never expire, so as to offer the possibility of writing to each new pilot to fly them and carry out under the same conditions pilots who have already taken place, and this in order to give way to new pilots Aeroservice, you can earn points in the same performance as for pilots previously recorded.

Online Events Flights

The "Events - Fly in" official events are created and published on the IVAO/VATSIM networks, or created by other divisons / airlines to which the company participates officially, stating its holding and organizing the traffic of the company in accordance with other divisions / companies of the network.

Milan Airways AeroClub & MLN Training

Are the flying club and Training section of Milan Airways, and 'the place where people gather to share their passion for the visual flight VFR. 
The appointment with the Aeroclub and MATraining is 'every Sunday morning (usually during the spring / summer), when we find ourselves in Milan Bresso (LIMB).