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Flight School

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The Training Academy of Milan Airways is a real flying school where there is the opportunity to learn to fly from bases or carry out training to hone their skills already learned during his career of virtual pilot. The Training Academy does not have a physical location, but you can participate in courses / training in Virtual Classrooms in the TeamSpeak 3 Server companionship speaking vocally or sharing files. 

The opportunity to participate in Virtual Classrooms, allows the company to offer more pilots simultaneously the opportunity to specialize togheter, increasing their knowledge of the world of flight simulation and real commercial aviation. We provide a 360°training, with differentiated courses with specialized representatives, receive the necessary help to the manage the aircraft and to prepare for exams on IVAO.

To improve the professionalism of our online pilots, from July 2016, the Training Academy of Milan Airways is Partner of the Flight School of the Italian division VATSIM, the VATITA (VATITA VFTO), below are listed the courses that the school provides.


- The dates of the sessions held by the trainer in the Classrooms, will be posted on the Company Forum.

- The lessons are recorded, giving the opportunity to those who could not partecipate, to recover the previous lessons.

- To participate in the Courses / Training just contact the staff, specifying the course you want to attend as soon as possible will receive a confirmation email. Click here to ask the subscription.

Type of Courses:

Basic Course of flight (Beginners)
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Special course for pilots who intend to learn how to fly, starting with the basics of flying, going to study all the flying techniques to control and conduct safely an aircraft.
- Reading METARs / TAFs
- Aircraft parts and tools
- VFR Communication
- Traffic Pattern
Material: Click here
MLN101 - Nicolò Tomasini
MLN140 - Federico Giannalia

Aeronautical English IFR / VFR Course
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In aviation is required the knowledge of English Aeronautical, many pilots nowadays both in Italy and abroad, have little familiarity with English; that's why we decided to create a course on where key objectives are to build and maintain language skills in line with the level of competence required by server simulation IVAO / VATSIM, so as to provide drivers a tool language that allows them to perform the assigned tasks more efficiently.

- English VFR fraseology
English IFR fraseology

Material: Click here
Relators: MLN101 - Nicolò Tomasini
                    MLN140 - Federico Giannalia

How to fly Online IVAO/VATSIM Course
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Course for pilots who want to learn to fly online on IVAO / VATSIM, the goal is to learn to use the software and know the rules and procedures for flight online servers.

- General rules IVAO / VATSIM
- Software in use
- Teamspeak 2

Material: Click here
Relators: MLN101 - Nicolò Tomasini
               MLN140 - Federico Giannalia

Exam Courses (VATSIM)
 photo ivaovatsimp1ita_zpsnmlu4jxu.png
The Milan Airways flight school for VATSIM pilots is the VATITA VFTO, that is the flight school of the Italian division of VATSIM. Registration is dedicated to all pilots who intend to live the experience of a real flight school, with courses targeted to the pilots. The lessons take place in the Teamspeak 3 VATITA server. The course list is as follows:

-First Course:
Course for those who want to start the virtual pilot career as a real pilots, registration to VFR P1 Course, achieve the 3 ratings until the P3 qualification equivalent to the actual PPL  patent. Subsequently subcribe to IFR P4 Course to discover the beauty of learning to fly anywhere in the globe by real professionals of the simulated flight.
Duration: 18 months.

-Second Course:
Course indicated to pilots who already possess a basic understanding of the flight and the practical VFR / IFR flight, will achieve the patent P1, P2 by IFR exams, which consist of an oral test execution online (ATSimTest) and a practical test . After the achievement of these patents, the pilots can register for the course IFR P4.
Duration: 7 months.

-Third Course:
Direct registration to P1, P2 and P4 IFR (oral exam (ATSimTest) and practical test) exams with achievement step by step.
Duration: 2 months.

Website: Click here
Click here
Relators: VATITA VFTO Instructors