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Since the launch in 2008 to mark the rebirth of Milan Airways mark.

The MilanJet Airways was founded in February 2008, from an idea of our founder Nicolò Tomasini , passionate about flying and flight simulation , with the help of his brother Giacomo Tomasini . Wanted to create an  innovative virtual airline of Milan,  differed from the others, with a structured organization , polite and professional that places itself  among the many virtual airlines that populate the Flight Simulator  world with the main objective to simulate an environment , the more' realistic as possible , in which pilots can live the typical experience of an airline with air traffic rules and especially with a real interaction with other drivers and controllers.

In 2012, to expand the network and supply , the staff decided to create NetJet , virtual airline owned by MilanJet Airways, which focuses on the lowcost market and charter holiday destinations . The staff expands with Fabio Ferracini , who works as a partner in finding new strategies for a better management.


The 2013 presents itself as a key year , marking a turning point for MilanJet Airways, with the revision of the brand in Milan Airways and given the growth and potential of the company , created a new site more functional as all virtual airlines that offers to all the pilots a more real experience with a dedicated ACARS and an Integrated Pirep System for pilots and updates in real time all the informations on the site.

Today, with 100 active pilots and two Hub , Milan Airways, is a community increasingly expanding , flies in the world servers of flight simulation IVAO and VATSIM  with a dedicated ACARS that provides the ability to fly even offline pilots , recording data real time on the site .