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Igor Krusic (MLN392)First Officer
Ljubljana/Salerno -SI
Member since 11 Aug 2016
Hub: LIMC - Milan Malpensa
IVAO VID:198375

Technical dispatch of GHS dell' aeroporto di Lubiana, Slovenia / dipendente aeroportuale
Pilota virtuale IVAO e VATSIM

Igor Libero Krusic - volare per passione

1 year together!
12 Aug 2017
Award conferito dopo il primo anno passato attivamente insieme a Milan Airways

Number of flights:27 Last flight08-02-2020 14:45:06z
Hours flown:47:07 Average flight time:1:44
Total flown distance:11 452 NM Average flight distance:424 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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