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17 Dec 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
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31 Dec 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0

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MLN333Roberto Carideo14.1 hrs ago
MLN333Roberto Carideo14.2 hrs ago
MLN140Federico Giannalia18 hrs ago
MLN178Paolo Lozzi1 days ago
MLN407Roberto Rosi2 days ago

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Pilot Ranks

The rank of our pilots VA, are inspired by those who are assigned to the pilots by the airlines in reality. Our drivers can increase their rank, flying for our virtual airline, with the callsign MLN both online and offline with our ACARS following timetable or free flights, airline flights or group assigned, in short, in all flight modes.
The rank of Milan Airways are not based on the skill of the pilot or his knowledge, are obtained on the basis of hours flown to us that the system recognizes and logs, as they accumulate hours of flight, the pilot is the most recognized authority in the company , also asking to collaborate both in flight school, but also in the management and operations of the site and make the experience even more realistic simulation.

Junior First Officer 0  photo 0_zpsderzefau.png
First Officer 25  photo 1_zpsmmth0y1h.png
Senior First Officer 100  photo 2_zpscquouazh.png
Captain 200  photo 3_zps3hneebkp.png
Senior Captain 500  photo 4_zpshdju5ou5.png
Senior Fleet Captain 1500  photo 5_zpseiy399cf.png
Senior Captain & Instructor 3000  photo 6_zps840og3ho.png