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17 Dec 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
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24 Dec 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0
31 Dec 2018 19:00zIVAO Italy Online Day 2.0

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MLN178Paolo Lozzi2.9 hrs ago
MLN333Roberto Carideo5.7 hrs ago
MLN9098Michele Pelizza7.3 hrs ago
MLN425Gianni Caputo20 hrs ago
MLN535Paolo Pagani21.8 hrs ago

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Staff Team

Welcome to the Staff page of Milan Airways, with 3 members at now; the staff manages the overall operations of the company. They take on key positions, roles and responsibilities in the company and ensure that the company continues to operate smoothly and in line with the company's vision. Milan airways is constantly looking for passionate pilots and staff members who want to truly demonstrate the spirit of this company. If you want to join the Staff of Milan Airways you have to fly 50 hours, if you want to propose new ideas please contact us.


President & Founder

Name:  MLN101 - Nicolò Tomasini
  • Virtual Airline Administration
  • Associate
  • Website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Youtube Channel   
IVAO (VID): 363933
VATSIM ID: 1277080
City:  Milano
Contact: Email

Vicepresident & netJet Founder

Name:   MLN102 - Giacomo Tomasini
  • Virtual Airline Administration
  • Associate
  • Web Design e Logo, Liveries Repainting Service              
IVAO (VID): 260890
VATSIM ID: 1255537
City:  Milano
Contact: Email

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Name: MLN140 - Federico Giannalia
  • Virtual Airline Administration
  • Associate
  •  Flightplan Database Update                                            
  • Event's Dispatcher
  • PIREP's Management                                   
IVAO (VID): 457074

VATSIM ID: 1351813
City: Roma
Contact: Email


Event Cordinator
Name: MLN361 - Salvo Guadagnuolo
  • Events organization
  • Group flights organization, tours, awards flights                                     
IVAO (VID): 199262

City: Catania
Contact: Email