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Airline Statistics

General VA stats:
Number of pilots:61
Total flights flown:11 204
Total hours flown:23873:29
Total distance flown:11 274 039 NM
Stats generated at:14 Oct 2019 19:15:05z (7 min ago)

Timetable stats:
Number of flights:630
Total distance:797 150 NM
Total duration:2233:07
Most used aircraft:A319 A320 B738 B752 (MED ), 332 flights
Top destination:LIMC (Milan Malpensa), 190 flights
Top departure:LIMC (Milan Malpensa), 190 flights

Top pilots:
Top hours:2804:24 (Franco Guidetti)
Top flights:1 218 (Gianni Caputo)
Top distance:995 931 NM (Franco Guidetti)