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TourLegsTotal DistanceMy StatusDetails
MLN Italia VFR Tour241337 NMN/ADetails
MLN Nord America IFR Tour216780 NMN/ADetails
MLN IFR World Tour4223067 NMN/ADetails
MLN Caraibi IFR Tour113767 NMN/ADetails
MLN Caraibi VFR Tour171245 NMN/ADetails
MLN Australia IFR Tour166435 NMN/ADetails
MLN Advent Tour Events - In collaboration with IVAO IT760489 NMN/ADetails
MLN Destination of the month IFR Tour157091 NMN/ADetails
MLN Route 66 Coast to Coast USA 122653 NMN/ADetails
MLN Middle East IFR Tour3011446 NMN/ADetails
MLN Pilot Skills Tour156106 NMN/ADetails
MLN Cargo IFR Tour1935930 NMN/ADetails
MLN Pilot Career IFR Tour: Milano Linate62694 NMN/ADetails
MLN Pilot Career IFR Tour: Milano Malpensa64283 NMN/ADetails
MLN Pilot Career IFR Tour: Bergamo Orio al Serio63299 NMN/ADetails

Finished tours:
TourLegsTotal DistanceMy StatusDetails
MLN Christmas Markets IFR Tour 2017/201892620 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN Russia IFR Tour3013638 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN Africa IFR Tour by Take Off Italia2219054 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN Sud America IFR Tour3618108 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN France Euro 2016 IFR Tour113900 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN Kenya VFR Tour251915 NMN/A (tour not active)Details
MLN Winter 2018 IFR Tour93556 NMN/A (tour not active)Details