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MLN Russia IFR Tour
This tour has been finished.
My Status: N/A

Welcome to the MLN Russia IFR Tour, designed and created by our Event Cordinator MLN 208 Stèphan Blondel. The tour starts from Rostov and arrives in Vladivostok, runs through the Russian territory from west to east, across the Trans-Siberian letting us know the Russian territories unexplored! The tour consists of 29 legs, are you ready?


- The tour must be flown with Milan Airways Virtual fleet.

- Flights must be flown in real-time mode (1x sim rate, no accelerated mode is permitted).

- Flights could be completed ONLINE on IVAO VATSIM networks or OFFLINE using MLN Acars.

- All legs have to be flown in the right order.

- You must disconnect from the networks or from the acars after each completed leg and wait 5 minutes.

- Pilots are expected to have appropriate charts on board.

- Flights with wrong Departure/Arrival/Type of flight plan/Aircraft information at the moment of take off will NOT be accepted. The system that accept flights is automated, we can't make exceptions.

- Flight Plans with a valid route are required. Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS orVFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted.

- The Max Allowed Speed of 250KIAS should be observed below FL100 (10000ft.), unless active ATC facility instructs otherwise.

- Pilots flying ONLINE must monitor and communicate their intentions on UNICOM (122.8MHz) and merge with other traffic accordingly, unless there is active ATC facility online.

- Your flight plan remarks must include the tour name and the leg number (Ex: RMK/MLN RUSSIA IFR TOUR/LegXX).

- The pilot that finish the tour, wil be awarded automatically.

Pilots not obeying the rules repeatedly, will be BANNED from the tour.

1MLNURRR (Rostov-Na-Donu)UWGG (Nizhny Novgorod Nizhni Novgorod)ALL (ALL)566 NM2:05
2MLNUWGG (Nizhny Novgorod Nizhni Novgorod)UUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)ALL (ALL)220 NM1:00
3MLNUUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)ULLI (St Petersburg Pulkovo)ALL (ALL)342 NM1:20
4MLNULLI (St Petersburg Pulkovo)ULPB (Petrozavodsk Besovets)ALL (ALL)160 NM0:45
5MLNULPB (Petrozavodsk Besovets)ULMM (Murmansk)ALL (ALL)432 NM1:45
6MLNULMM (Murmansk)UWKS (Cheboksary)ALL (ALL)860 NM2:55
7MLNUWKS (Cheboksary)UWWW (Samara Kurumoch)ALL (ALL)201 NM1:00
8MLNUWWW (Samara Kurumoch)UWUU (Ufa)ALL (ALL)220 NM1:00
9MLNUWUU (Ufa)UWOR (Orsk)ALL (ALL)231 NM1:00
10MLNUWOR (Orsk)USCC (Chelyabinsk)ALL (ALL)260 NM1:00
11MLNUSCC (Chelyabinsk)USPP (Perm)ALL (ALL)245 NM1:00
12MLNUSPP (Perm)UUYY (Syktyvkar)ALL (ALL)270 NM1:00
13MLNUUYY (Syktyvkar)ULAA (Arkhangelsk Talagi)ALL (ALL)328 NM1:15
14MLNULAA (Arkhangelsk Talagi)USDD (Salekhard)ALL (ALL)650 NM2:55
15MLNUSDD (Salekhard)USNN (Nizhnevartovsk)ALL (ALL)427 NM1:50
16MLNUSNN (Nizhnevartovsk)UNOO (Omsk)ALL (ALL)370 NM1:30
17MLNUNOO (Omsk)UNNT (Novosibirsk Tolmachevo)ALL (ALL)330 NM1:15
18MLNUNNT (Novosibirsk Tolmachevo)UOOO (Norilsk Alykel)ALL (ALL)870 NM3:20
19MLNUOOO (Norilsk Alykel)UOHH (Khatanga)ALL (ALL)323 NM1:15
20MLNUOHH (Khatanga)UIBB (Bratsk)ALL (ALL)950 NM4:05
21MLNUIBB (Bratsk)UIII (Irkutsk)ALL (ALL)255 NM1:00
22MLNUIII (Irkutsk)UELL (Cul'Man)ALL (ALL)770 NM3:15
23MLNUELL (Cul'Man)UEEE (Yakutsk)ALL (ALL)344 NM1:20
24MLNUEEE (Yakutsk)UEST (Not Found!)ALL (ALL)577 NM2:00
25MLNUEST (Not Found!)UHMP (Not Found!)ALL (ALL)815 NM3:20
26MLNUHMP (Pevek)UHMA (Anadyr)ALL (ALL)340 NM1:25
27MLNUHMA (Anadyr)UHPP (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)ALL (ALL)900 NM4:15
28MLNUHPP (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)UHSS (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Khomutovo)ALL (ALL)715 NM3:20
29MLNUHSS (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Khomutovo)UHHH (Khabarovsk Novy)ALL (ALL)323 NM1:15
30MLNUHHH (Khabarovsk Novy)UHWW (Vladivostok)ALL (ALL)344 NM1:25

Pilots Progress:
Franco Guidetti8/30 (27%)
Massimo Canta5/30 (17%)
Matteo Stella0/30 (0%)