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MLN Cargo IFR Tour
This tour is active.
My Status: N/A

<span id="result_box" lang="en">We have created a tour on real cargo carriers, we studied their respective network of routes and we have regroupped all in one tour departing directly from Milan Malpensa hub, the tour consists of 20 destinations, 18 countries around the world, a kind of world tour. Do you feel ready to relive the experience of a real cargo pilot?</span>


- The tour must be flown with Milan Airways Virtual Cargo fleet.

- Flights must be flown in real-time mode (1x sim rate, no accelerated mode is permitted).

- Flights could be completed ONLINE on IVAO VATSIM networks or OFFLINE using MLN Acars.

- All legs have to be flown in the right order.

- You must disconnect from the networks or from the acars after each completed leg and wait 5 minutes.

- Pilots are expected to have appropriate charts on board.

- Flights with wrong Departure/Arrival/Type of flight plan/Aircraft information at the moment of take off will NOT be accepted. The system that accept flights is automated, we can't make exceptions.

- Flight Plans with a valid route are required. Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS orVFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted.

- The Max Allowed Speed of 250KIAS should be observed below FL100 (10000ft.), unless active ATC facility instructs otherwise.

- Pilots flying ONLINE must monitor and communicate their intentions on UNICOM (122.8MHz) and merge with other traffic accordingly, unless there is active ATC facility online.

- Your flight plan remarks must include the tour name and the leg number (Ex: RMK/MLN CARGO IFR TOUR/LegXX).

- The pilot that finish the tour, wil be awarded automatically.

Pilots not obeying the rules repeatedly, will be BANNED from the tour.

1MLNLIMC (Milan Malpensa)LFPG (Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle)CARG325 NM1:20
2MLNLFPG (Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle)KMEM (Memphis)CARG3 950 NM9:15
3MLNKMEM (Memphis)MMMX (Mexico City Juarez)CARG1 050 NM3:30
4MLNMMMX (Mexico City Juarez)SEQU (Quito)CARG1 691 NM3:50
5MLNSEQU (Quito)SBGR (Sao Paulo Guarulhos)CARG2 413 NM5:30
6MLNSBGR (Sao Paulo Guarulhos)FAJS (Johannesburg)CARG4 031 NM9:40
7MLNFAJS (Johannesburg)OMAA (Abu Dhabi)CARG3 487 NM7:35
8MLNOMAA (Abu Dhabi)VIDP (Delhi Indira Gandhi)CARG1 230 NM3:35
9MLNVIDP (Delhi Indira Gandhi)VTBS (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)CARG1 600 NM4:00
10MLNVTBS (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)WSSS (Singapore Changi)CARG760 NM2:20
11MLNWSSS (Singapore Changi)RCTP (Taipei Chiang Kai Shek)CARG1 735 NM4:15
12MLNRCTP (Taipei Chiang Kai Shek)RKSI (Incheon)CARG829 NM2:00
13MLNRKSI (Incheon)RJAA (Tokyo New Tokyo)CARG680 NM2:30
14MLNRJAA (Tokyo New Tokyo)PANC (Anchorage)CARG2 985 NM7:05
15MLNPANC (Anchorage)KORD (Chicago O'Hare)CARG2 475 NM5:50
16MLNKORD (Chicago O'Hare)EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)CARG3 580 NM8:30
17MLNEHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)UUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)CARG1 160 NM3:45
18MLNUUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)LTBA (Istanbul Ataturk)CARG960 NM3:20
19MLNLTBA (Istanbul Ataturk)LIMC (Milan Malpensa)CARG989 NM2:10

Pilots Progress:
Massimo Canta11/19 (58%)
Giorgio Bella10/19 (53%)
Matteo Beverari4/19 (21%)
Stephan Blondel1/19 (5%)
Tommaso Fedi1/19 (5%)
Alessio Agolli0/19 (0%)
Roberto Rosi0/19 (0%)