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MLN Christmas Markets IFR Tour 2017/2018
This tour has been finished.
My Status: N/A

Welcome to the MLN North America IFR Tour! A tour created by our Staff, its time to fly in the skies of North America, touching the most beautiful cities in United States and Canada such as Montreal and Toronto! From north to south for nearly 7000 miles, are you ready?


- Flights must be flown in real-time mode (1x sim rate, no accelerated mode is permitted).

- Flights could be completed ONLINE on IVAO VATSIM networks or OFFLINE using MLN Acars.

- All legs have to be flown in the right order.

- You must disconnect from the networks or from the acars after each completed leg and wait 5 minutes.

- Pilots are expected to have appropriate charts on board.

- Flights with wrong Departure/Arrival/Type of flight plan/Aircraft information at the moment of take off will NOT be accepted. The system that accept flights is automated, we can't make exceptions.

- Flight Plans with a valid route are required. Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS orVFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted.

- The Max Allowed Speed of 250KIAS should be observed below FL100 (10000ft.), unless active ATC facility instructs otherwise.

- Pilots flying ONLINE must monitor and communicate their intentions on UNICOM (122.8MHz) and merge with other traffic accordingly, unless there is active ATC facility online.

- Your flight plan remarks must include the tour name and the leg number (Ex: RMK/MLN MERCATINI DI NATALE IFR TOUR/LegXX).

- The pilot that finish the tour, wil be awarded automatically.

Pilots not obeying the rules repeatedly, will be BANNED from the tour.

1MLNLIMC (Milan Malpensa)EDDC (Dresden Klotzsche)ALL447 NM1:10
2MLNEDDC (Dresden Klotzsche)LSZH (Zurich)ALL310 NM0:55
3MLNLSZH (Zurich)LOWW (Vienna Schwechat)ALL326 NM0:45
4MLNLOWW (Vienna Schwechat)EDDN (Nurnberg)ALL240 NM0:40
5MLNEDDN (Nurnberg)LFST (Strasbourg Strasbourg Entzheim)ALL185 NM0:30
6MLNLFST (Strasbourg Strasbourg Entzheim)LKPR (Praha Praha-Ruzyne)ALL300 NM0:50
7MLNLKPR (Praha Praha-Ruzyne)LHBP (Budapest Ferihegy)ALL259 NM0:45
8MLNLHBP (Budapest Ferihegy)EDDM (Munich)ALL309 NM0:45
9MLNEDDM (Munich)LIMC (Milan Malpensa)ALL244 NM0:35

Pilots Progress:
Roberto Rosi1/9 (11%)