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MLN Winter 2018 IFR Tour
This tour has been finished.
My Status: N/A

Hello, welcome to the winter tour of MLN.
In this tour you'll fly to some cities which the main feature is that winter is very cold.
You can fly this tour until March 21th.
Have a good flight!

1MLNLIML (Milan Linate)LYBE (Belgrade Beograd)ALL465 NM1:10
2MLNLYBE (Belgrade Beograd)UKOO (Odessa)ALL470 NM1:10
3MLNUKOO (Odessa)UKBB (Kiev Borispol)ALL244 NM0:40
4MLNUKBB (Kiev Borispol)UUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)ALL431 NM1:05
5MLNUUEE (Moscow Sheremetievo)ULLI (St Petersburg Pulkovo)ALL338 NM0:55
6MLNULLI (St Petersburg Pulkovo)ESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)ALL373 NM1:00
7MLNESSA (Stockholm Arlanda)EPWA (Warsaw Okecie)ALL498 NM1:20
8MLNEPWA (Warsaw Okecie)LDZA (Zagreb Zagreb Pleso)ALL437 NM1:05
9MLNLDZA (Zagreb Zagreb Pleso)LIML (Milan Linate)ALL300 NM0:45

Pilots Progress:
Federico Giannalia1/9 (11%)
Tommaso Fedi1/9 (11%)